License agreement with End User

"Store" means this site.

"Content Provider" means the party offering Digital Content in the Store, which may be us or a third party; however, for Digital Content designated as active content in the Store, "Content Provider" means the publisher of the Digital Content.

"Digital Content" means digitized electronic content obtained through the Store, such as books and other static and interactive electronic content.

"Supported Devices" are electronic devices capable of displaying th Digital Content.

"Supported Software" means software (including any updates/upgrades to that software) that is capable of displaying the Electronic Content.

"Publisher content" the content of each eBook Title is a copyrighted work of Publisher indicated in the eBook Title and Publisher reserves all rights in and to each eBook Title.


Supported Devices and Supported Software. Customer acknowledges that Digital Content may be available in DRM-protected formats. Customer furthermore acknowledges, that to be able to read such Digital Content, it is necessary to use equipment and software, authorized with his or her personal „Adobe ID“,  thus capable of reading such protected Digital Content.


Use of Digital Content. Upon your download of Digital Content and payment of any applicable fees (including applicable taxes), the Content Provider grants you a non-exclusive right to view, use, and display such Digital Content an unlimited number of times, solely on the Supported devices and Supported Software or as otherwise permitted as part of the Service, solely on the number of Supported Devices or Supported Software, and solely for your personal, non-commercial use. Digital Content is licensed, not sold, to you by the Content Provider. The Content Provider may include additional terms for use within its Digital Content. Those terms will also apply, but this Agreement will govern in the event of a conflict.

Ebook Titles Are Provided On An "as Is" Basis. Neither Publisher Nor Its Licensors Make Any Guarantees Or Warranties Of Any Kind, Either Express Or Implied, Including, But Not Limited To, Implied Warranties Of Merchantability Or Fitness For A Particular Purpose Or Use As To Any Publisher Content Or The Information Therein Or Any Warranties As To The Accuracy, Completeness, Currentness, Or Results To Be Obtained From, Accessing Or Using Publisher’s Content, Or Any Material Referenced In Such Content. Any Warranties Of Any Kind, Whether Express Or Implied, Are Disclaimed. Any Material Or Data Obtained Through Use Of Publisher’s Content Is At Your Own Discretion And Risk And User Understands That It Will Be Solely Responsible For Any Resulting Damage To Its Computer System Or Loss Of Data.

Neither Publisher Nor Its Licensors Shall Be Liable To Any User Or To Anyone Else For Any Inaccuracy, Delay, Interruption In Service, Error Or Omission, Regardless Of Cause, Or For Any Damages Resulting Therefrom.

In No Event Will Publisher Or Its Licensors, Be Liable For Any Indirect, Special Or Consequential Damages, Including But Not Limited To, Lost Time, Lost Money, Lost Profits Or Good Will, Whether In Contract, Tort, Strict Liability Or Otherwise, And Whether Or Not Such Damages Are Foreseen Or Unforeseen With Respect To Any Use Of Publisher Content.


Limitations. Unless specifically indicated otherwise, you may not sell, rent, lease, distribute, broadcast, sublicense, or otherwise assign any rights to the Digital Content or any portion of it to any third party, and you may not remove or modify any proprietary notices or labels on the Digital Content or in any way commingle the content of any eBook Title with other third party content, without Publisher's prior written consent. In addition, you may not bypass, modify, defeat, or circumvent security features that protect the Digital Content.

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